Astanajapura 95% of our business comes from previous customers and our family, friend and neighbor referrals. We appreciate their confidence in us and continued support.  Here are a few recent reviews….



“They were very professional, on time, and worked a full day 5-6 days each week. We were very pleased when they completed the job several days earlier than expected. At the end of each day they cleaned and organized the space and their equipment. They consulted and asked for updates throughout and offered great suggestions. They are very friendly and have great personalities and it was easy having them in our home for several weeks.”
“On the eve of being “done!!”… We present “Top Ten things we LOOOVE about Petka’s Remodeling: 10. When Carl tells a joke, it’s generally pretty funny! When I think Mark is telling a joke, he’s actually trying to tell me something serious about how to avoid getting my cabinets scratched. 9. Their attention to detail is impeccable… from keeping our house clean during the demo to the tiny details nobody would ever likely see (BUT WE DO!!)… we are impressed with all the ways they made this job as important as one they might do on their own homes. 8. THEY WORK HARD. So very hard. There’s not too many professions where knee pads go on and hats come off first thing every day…. 7. They show UP, every day, at the exact time they say they will, with smiles, and sometimes even donuts! 6. Carl: “Anything on your mind?” I’ll miss this morning refrain. 5. A well balanced mix of realistic expectations and “can do” attitude. 4. Carl’s SERIOUS attempt to keep me ON BUDGET! 3. When they say “we will be done on….” they mean it. However, when that day comes, you aren’t ready for them to leave. 2. The way they made me and my son a part of the whole thing… hands on, dirty knees, cameras and facebook and all… but I never lifted a finger, felt like my house was not mine, or wanted it to “just be over!” 1. That they gave us the kitchen of our DREAMS… in every way possible. We can’t thank you guys enough….”
“I chose Karl and Mark based on their past ratings on this website, their very competitive estimate, and the fact that they are a father and son team who perform all the work themselves. That last point is a huge difference relative to their competition — and it was nice to know, well in advance, WHO would be showing up each day. I also liked the fact they are committed to finishing one project at a time, not running between jobs and leaving things unfinished for weeks on end. My experience was exactly as promised. They showed up promptly each morning, worked a full day every day, and the quality of their work was very high (across all aspects of the project). The project did run longer than originally anticipated, but that was largely because of additional requirements I added when they arrived the first day. Overall, their estimates (time and money) were fairly accurate. Bottom line: They are truly old school guys, and I would recommend them regardless of the size of your project. And I will certainly be giving them the chance to bid on my next projects as well.”
“Carl and Mark completely remodeled our kitchen – from demolition all the way through to a perfect paint job and finishing details. Not only did they help us envision what the space could be, but they gave us a detailed quote, stayed on budget, did extremely high quality work, and finished EARLY. All around, an absolutely fantastic job. A year later, I still think about them every time I walk into our fabulous kitchen! Great people – incredibly rofessional and skilled.”